There are a number of places in the region serving our coffees. While many also sell retail packages of our coffees, here are the offerings available for the various accounts we have partnered with. Scroll through the account list and select coffees from offerings at bottom of this page. Enjoy!

Fargo and West Fargo, ND

Nichole’s Fine Pastry: House Blend for Nichole’s and Espresso

Jasper Hotel and Rosewild: Bow Tie Blend and Espresso

Bernbaum’s: Heavy Meadow and Espresso

Sandy’s Donuts, All Three Locations:¬†House Blend for Sandy’s and Espresso

Luna: Gus Comstock, Heavy Meadow, and Espresso

Fergus Falls Area

Perks: Various Daily Coffees and Espresso

Toast: Heavy Meadow and Espresso

Stella’s (Battle Lake): Sunrise Blend and Espresso

Otter Coffee (Vergas): Workhorse Blend and Espresso

Brew Ale and Eats (Perham): Colombia (brewed) and Espresso (served on Nitro tap)


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