Barrel-Conditioned Coffee Subscription

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Coffee notes: rich, smooth, with velvety mouthfeel and aromatic notes of Panther’s 3-year, oak barrel-aged rye whiskey.



While the origin of coffee with change monthly, depending on our preference, we’ve been really pleased with each result of roasting a barrel-conditioned green coffee. Strong aromatics of the rye whiskey are present from the time the coffee is roasted to the time the coffee is brewed.

About the process of barrel-conditioning green coffee: We will condition the green (unroasted) coffee by holding it in our Panther oak barrel for only 12-18 hours. The green coffee will absorb moisture and aromatics from the oak barrel. As the coffee is roasted to about 400 degrees, the coffee will lose that moisture, but retain the aromatics of the barrel. The coffee’s notes will be augmented by the exposure to the seasoned barrel, but its original notes will be retained, as well.

Please note, this coffee will roast on Thursdays only.

Please note, there is zero alcohol content with this coffee.

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