Brazil, Fazenda Camocim, Biodynamic


This coffee roasts on Thursdays only and is available in 12 ounce bags.

Taste notes: Balanced and soft with juicy fruit acidity; savory cooked fruit flavors caramel, praline and toffee.

12 oz
Whole Bean
Flat Filter Drip
Cone Filter Drip
Coarse Grind (French Press)


We are fans of Larry David’s, “Curb Your Enthusiasm”. In an episode that aired during the latest season, Woody Harrelson is a guest star and talks of his preference for BioDynamic coffee. You can see a clip of it from TV Promos YouTube channel here. Woody won’t have to worry about whether this coffee is BioDynamic or just dynamic–it’s BioDynamic.

What is BioDynamic coffee?

We learn this from our friends at Cafe Imports, who sourced this lovely coffee which was part of the Café Bio Project in Espirito Santa, Brazil:

“Café Bio Project is considered a biodynamic farm, grown within an agroforestry system. Biodynamic farming shares many principles and methodologies with organic farming. Similar to an organic farm, on a biodynamic farm, you won’t find any pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, or other toxins common in chemical agriculture. Beyond these practices, biodynamic farming includes systems thatsupport bio self-sufficiency. Biodynamic farming is built from the philosophy that the land is an autonomous living being and should be cared for holistically. Investing energy and resources into the soil is central to the practice of biodynamic farming. The idea is that a farm should operate on and sustain its natural ecosytem with as little interference as possible to maintain its natural balance.

“Biodynamic farming practices at Café Bio Project have the potential to improve the quality of life for farmers, members of the community, and the local biosphere by preserving soil, protecting water resources, and reducing carbon emissions. With continual effort, ingenuity, and investment, the farm is working towards planting new varietals, experimenting with soil and plant processes, improving post-harvest procedures, utilizing different fermentation practices, and building new partnerships.”

This is a one-off coffee from us and we will not be labeling this coffee as “certfied organic biodynamic”. The certification process cost over a thousand dollars. Seeing Woody Harrelson talk about this type of coffee peaked our interest and seeing that our importer carried this type of coffee sealed the deal.

For a customer to label any coffee as Biodynamic® on the printed label they MUST be certified with Demeter for handling of the coffee. They can verbally tell their clients or write it on store promotional signage, but unless they go through Certification with Demeter, they cannot print on the label the coffee is Demeter Certified or identify it as Biodynamic on the label.

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Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 6 in