Burundi, Karuzi Microlot


Coffee notes: sweet and savory, notes of hops, with grapefruit/tart acidity, and fresh coffee cherry

12 oz
Whole Bean
Flat Filter Drip
Cone Filter Drip
Coarse Ground


From our friends at Cafe Imports, we learn more about this coffee from Burundi:

“Burundian offers, such as this lot, are purchased in cherry form from members of the Nkoronko Cooperative and farmers living within close proximity of the Nkoronko Washing Station. Contributing producers primarily cultivate the Bourbon variety, and pick cherries at peak ripeness for daily delivery to the washing station. Upon arrival at the washing station, producers bring their cherries to a sorting station where the cherries are visually sorted, removing the cherries that are underripe, overripe, or defective. Once sorted, a sample of cherries is taken and a float test is performed by an on-staff quality controller to ensure proper cherry selection for the lot. Once approved, the final amount of approvable cherries are weighed out and considered Grade A, the defective cherries are also weighed out and considered Grade B. Both selections of cherries are purchased from the producer but processed separately.”

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