Colombia, Farm Select, El Aguacate


Taste Notes: tart, savory, and heavy bodied with notes of cocoa/chocolate, almond, and lemon



We learn more about this Farm Select coffee from Cafe Imports:

“This coffee is part of the Farm Select program with Banexport in Colombia, an initiative that aims to support producers with the tools they need to improve their coffee quality, gain access to better prices, and make lasting connections with committed specialty buyers. Through its Farm Select program standards and protocols, Banexport identifies producers who are willing to utilize advanced techniques and technology in order to produce a better cup; provides them with education and support toward that end; and, through a close and collaborative partnership with Cafe Imports, connects them with buyers who are interested in developing mutually beneficial, long-term and reliable buying relationships.

“Duber Erney Garzon Lopez owns the 2.5-hectare farm called El Aguacate, where he grows Castillo and Colombia varieties. The coffee is picked ripe (which means purple cherries fo rthe Castillo and dark orange for the Colombia) and depulped the afternoon it’s picked. It’s also given a sort through a zaranda, a kind of metal sorting table that removes broken, defective seeds as well as sticks, husks, and rocks. The coffee is fermented in an open hopper made of cement and/or two brick tanks with cement floors. Fermentation is generally 14 hours, and the coffee is washed 3–4 times to remove the mucilage. Drying is in parabolic dryers with raised beds inside, and takes about 8 days.”

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Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 3 × 4 × 7 in


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