Colombia, Farm Select, Natural Process


Taste Notes: balanced with sweet and tart acidity and citrus fruit notes and dark chocolate


From our friends at Cafe Imports, we learn more about their Farm Select program:

“The Farm Select program is an initiative with our export partners Banexport that aims to support producers with the tools they need to improve their coffee quality, gain access to better prices, and make lasting connections with committed specialty buyers. Through its Farm Select program standards and protocols, Banexport identifies producers who are willing to utilize advanced techniques and technology in order to produce a better cup; provides them with education and support toward that end; and, through a close and collaborative partnership with Cafe Imports, connects them with buyers who are interested in developing mutually beneficial, long-term and reliable buying relationships.”

As well as Julia Elvira Orozco and her farm near Popayán, Cauca:

Julia Orozco

“Julia Elvira Orozco Caicedo grows Castillo and Colombia varieties on 13 hectares in the area around Popayán, Cauca. She uses a Brix meter to determine the optimal harvest time and has found that 18 °Bx is just right. After harvesting, the coffee is sorted using a floating process called “balseo”: The cherries are placed in a tank that is filled with water, and those cherries which are damaged and defective float, allowing them to be removed from the lot. The coffee is then processed accordingly.”

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