Five Pound Coffee Subscription

From: $65.00 every 2 months

You select the coffee and frequency and we will roast, package, and send out as requested.

Ground coffee is available. Please select option based on how you will be brewing your coffee.

Rotating Origin
Rotating Blend
Dark Roast
Whole Bean
Flat Filter Drip
Cone Filter Drip
Coarse Ground
Every Week
Every Two Weeks
Every Six Weeks
Every Two Months


free shipping on all subscription coffee orders!

Perfect, timely delivery of your favorite Stumbeano’s coffee…but in a 5 pound bag! Please note this subscription is available in whole bean or filter drip grind (please select when ordering).

Rotating Origin: Roaster selects a favorite from the current single origin offerings and sends out as requested.

Rotating Blend: Roaster selects a blend of two or more coffees from our single origin offerings and sends out as requested.

Espresso: Roaster selected blend for use when brewing espresso. Blend will vary seasonally and be comprised of same elements used for our commercial/wholesale accounts.

Dark Roast: Roaster selected blend, fuller roast profile, similar to French roast (but short of being “burnt” or  “charred).


Additional information

Weight 80 oz
Dimensions 8 × 10 × 12 in


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