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Coffee notes: While our first version of the Gus Comstock blend from 10 years ago featured dark roast coffees, this coffee is a medium roast blend, to be accurate of coffees drunk in the 1920’s. It is a mild and full bodied blend, with notes of peanut,¬†almonds, toffee, and grenadine.

On January 11, 1927, Gus Comstock of Fergus Falls, MN, became “World’s Coffee Drinking Champion when he drank 85 cups of coffee in about seven hours. This medium roast blend of coffees from Brazil and Colombia is a historically accurate coffee that would likely have been available at the time “Guzzlin’ Gus” set the record. We researched coffee production levels in 1927 and learned that Brazil and Colombia were by far the leading producers for coffee consumed in the United States. With prohibition of alcohol in the 1920’s, coffee consumption skyrocketed!

Ground coffee is available. Please select option based on how you will be brewing your coffee.

Ground coffee is available. Please select option based on how you will be brewing your coffee.


Gus Comstock was a porter/bell hop at the Kaddatz Hotel in Fergus Falls, MN, when he became World’s Coffee Drinking Champion back in 1927. News of his feat was published in the New York Times. People gathered outside the Kaddatz Hotel at 7:00am as “Guzzlin’ Gus” staked a sportsmanlike gaunt around the block before coming to his seat. He had previously held the coffee drinking record but ceded it to a gentleman in Texas who bested in at 62 cups.

Gus’ record, which made the city of Fergus Falls and the state of Minnesota proud, was short-lived, as his Texan rival reclaimed the record within a year. Gus ventured to southern Minnesota in his later days and made several attempts to attain other consumption records (beer and milk most notable).


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