Espresso, Sweet Throttle Blend, Women Coffee Producers


Components: Brazil Serrado and Honduras RAOS, both part of the Women Coffee Producers Program
Coffee notes: sweet and full-bodied, earthy; notes of brown sugar, caramel, peanuts, and orange zest



Espresso is an intriguing, beguiling, complex thing. Know this, though, that it is a brew method and not a type of bean or roast.

That said, the coffees we select to brew espresso are sweet and full-bodied, produce excellent crema when brewed, and have “mysterious” notes that you wouldn’t always associate with coffee…think rhubarb, limes, tomato, cedar, coriander, or such.

We are pleased to offer a blend of coffees that were sourced by our friends at Cafe Imports as part of their Women Coffee Producers Program. More about that:

“These coffees come from both women’s cooperatives, and from the women members of mixed-gender cooperatives whose coffees are separated out from the main lots. The coffees score between 85–88 points, and the women are paid a premium per pound for their coffee as part of the Women Coffee Producers program; there is also the potential to develop microlot rewards through this program, for coffees that cup 88 and higher.
“The women often choose to apply the premiums to projects in their communities, such as educational efforts and increased health-care access, but there are no stipulations to the use of the funds: The premiums Cafe Imports pays represent a small step toward eliminating the inequity that women face in coffee, and recognizes the specific financial considerations and hardships that women in general face around the world, both within and without the coffee industry.”

Additional information

Weight 14 oz
Dimensions 3 x 4 x 8 in


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